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Advanced Placement

Click here for the 2019-2020 Parent Letter explaining payment options.  Students enrolled in an AP course are required to take the AP exam.

!!! NEW FOR 2019-2020 !!!! Payment and/or reduced fee forms are due October 1, 2019! Exams Cost $74 per exam. This is a non-refundable fee. Exams will cost $114 after the deadline. (The actual AP Exam costs $94.  Alamosa High School pays $20 per exam). Students in families whose income is 185% of the poverty level may qualify for free or reduced exam fees.  See the Parent Letter for more details. Students who drop the class after the November 15th order deadline will be charged an additional $40.00 cancellation fee.

All AP students must set up an account with the College Board in order to register for their AP class. They may have an account if they have taken the PSAT or SAT exams. Go to:

2020 AP Exam Schedule

                                  7:45am                                       11:45am

Tue May 5th      Calculus AB

Wed May 6th     English Literature

Thu May 7th      Chemistry                                      Physics 1: Algebra

Fri May 8th         U.S. History                                   Computer Science A

Mon May 11th   Biology                                           Environmental Science

Tue May 12th    Spanish Language

Wed May 13th   English Language

Thu May 14th    World History

Fri May 15th      Computer Science Principles

AP scores will be available online in July, 2019.  To get your scores, you must sign up for a College Board account at You may already have an account if you have taken the PSAT or the SAT.

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Chemistry Webinars

Biology Webinars

Teacher Weebly

Please direct any questions you have to Mark Skinner, the AP Coordinator: 719-587-6014 or



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